Building the New Brain within the Skull of the Old.

Stateless University Registration begins January 16th for its first term of 2011.

Term 1: Monday, February 6 – Friday, March 18; registration begins Monday, January 16; the final date to obtain a tuition refund is Monday, February 13

I would like to take this opportunity to talk about what Stateless U. can do for you and this plucky movement of ours.

The Stateless U., Introduction to Anarchism, takes great pride in being able to offering a varied and versatile introduction to anarchist theory and practice. Our principle goals: to familiarize the student with the basic political-economic-ethical vocabulary of anarchist theory, build up your enthusiasm for and understanding of how a stateless society would/could work, and prepare you for Brad Spangler’s Law and Order in a Stateless Society.

But this is all pretty standard stuff, so what?  What makes Stateless University different?

What makes Stateless U. different and interesting is its long-run objective: to create a network of alumni, versed in anarchism generally and Agorism specifically, that can begin dispute resolution and arbitration for Agorist agents and agencies.  This alumni network is just one infrastructural step in the creation and maintenance of a counter-economy.  (Other possible steps would be the creation of insurance and security networks to further reduce the risk of total loss in the event of State disruption and confiscation.)

Counter-Economics is an abbreviation for Counter-Establishment-Economics and, as Samuel Edward Konkin III points out, it was formed the same way as Counter-Establishment-Culture (Counter-Culture).  Both are not the repudiation of culture or economy, per say, but the rejection of the established/entrenched culture and economy.  I think this is an important connection between both Counter-Establishment movements and points to an area of mutual support.  The Counter-Economy can support and build the efforts of a Counter-Culture; while the Counter-Culture can support and build the efforts of a Counter-Economy.

Stateless University also has plans for offering more scholarships, expanding our methods of communications, improving our teaching techniques, creating essay contests with prizes and creating Campus Liberation outreach materials.

Please join our Alumni Network and invite your friends to take a look.  We need your feedback to improve and expand this project; no critique is too small for liberty.

ALL the best.